Nimbuzz For Linux

For those of you fans to chat on smartphone and android must know the following applications. This application was officially launched in May 2008, Netherlands-based Nimbuzz is a mobile social messenger that combines instant messaging (IM), (geo) presence, and VoIP from many popular communities such as Skype, Windows Live Messenger (MSN), Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, googletalk, AIM, and social networks including Facebook and MySpace. Applications are available in versions for free mobile (phone), PC, and the web that allows users to IM, location sharing, (group) calling, file sharing, and chatting in the chatroom. 

Too complete, Nimbuzz is claimed to be aggregated products (collectors), the first mobile IM has ever made. Nimbuzz service for PC (desktop computers), one of which lets you chat on Yahoo! Messenger via PC Desktop, can be downloaded and used free of charge from here.

But the new Nimbuzz create applications to run on Windows operating systems. What about Linux users ..? No need to worry because the author has tried to run on Linux Nimbuzz. Stop dreaming start the action, the writer tried it on PCLinuxOS and Linux Mint distro seventh with the help of the Wine emulator that can be downloaded here. Protocol used is Yahoo Messenger and Facebook (because the author only has the account) is used at the same time. And the results are very stable even though used in a very long time.
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